Malte Myskoxe – Tännäskröket

Malta Myskoxe

24 February, 2023
Malte Myskoxe maskot i Tännäskröket

Have you met our mascot Malte Myskoxe? Malte is a young musk ox who lives among the mountains Hemkröket and Mellankröket. Malte loves animals and nature and is a keen skier. In order to escape from the trolls who also live in the forest, he has made his own trails for alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, cycling and hiking, which he is happy to share with all the children. 

Malte has his own sheep farm where the goats and rabbits live, and he likes to talk about his four-legged friends in the woods and give tips on being in nature. Malte loves music and has made his own song that you can often hear him humming. The song is available on Spotify and is called Maltes sång, by Malte Myskoxe. 

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