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Cycling in the mountains is a playful and fun challenge and a wonderful way to discover the mountain world and untouched wilderness. Funäsfjällen offers 180 kilometres of varied trail cycling in a magnificent and unique mountain environment. Whether you come with the family or as a professional cyclist, there are plenty of untravelled trails to choose from. There are roads and trails suitable for everything from standard bikes, racing bikes and gravel bikes to mountain bikes and advanced downhill bikes. 

Bike week (week 29) and the mountain tour

18 - 20 July, Fjällturen, Sweden's most beautiful cycling race takes place here in Funäsfjällen and we are loading for a week of cycling theme with us and in the area. Read more and book your starting place for Fjällturen now. HERE

Tracks & Trails - Funäsfjällen's own app

The Spår & Leder Funäsfjällen app has everything you need to know about the area's trails, where they are located, how long they are and what level of difficulty they have. To access the trails you need a Fjällpass Ledcykling. You can buy it through the app, and once you're out on the trail, you can use GPS to see where you are on the trail.

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Bring as little luggage as possible to make cycling more enjoyable and to enjoy travelling smoothly through the great outdoors. Cycling helmets are a must, even if the speed is not always that high. Stop every now and then to enjoy the beautiful scenery, cool your face in a mountain stream and eat a tasty lunch in the open air. An extra pair of socks can also be a nice change of clothes. Take a dip in our mountain lake after the tour and treat yourself to something good to eat and drink on Restaurant Áran's terrace as a finale to a good cycling day!


Rent your bike
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Featured trails - Mountain biking

The home kitchen round

Cykelled 432, about 5 km MTB
Level of difficulty: red

Starts easy with lovely flowing cycling down after the power line on the trail 430 Tännäslänken down towards Tännäs village. When you get further down the hill, the trail splits and you follow trail 432 which goes to the right towards the old cable car.
You cycle past the ropeway and then start a slightly tougher uphill section that goes in serpentine turns. After the first steep slope you follow the ski slope uphill and watch out for when the trail bends to the left and comes back into the descent further up after the first section and continues back towards Tännäskröket in the second one.

Remember to look up and enjoy the beautiful views throughout this section and perhaps stop for a coffee.

Now it's just easy and fun cycling back via the flow lanes of the facility.

Tännäskrökets flowtrail

Easy to cycle, accessible and fun park area for both small and big MTB riders with flowing trails that include velodromes and small jumps with a great flow. There is also a slightly longer route that starts a little higher up that starts on a natural shelf with great views of Tännäskröket, Kröktjärnen and K2. You cycle or walk up and get the reward in fun downhill cycling.

Malta's bike cellar

A loop for the youngest children and where the older ones can practice and test if you are used to cycling off-road. It is a lightly cycled and graveled and along the path Maltefigurer cheers on. The start and finish are next to the warming hut at the top of the centre building. There are also benches and a barbecue area where the rest of the family can enjoy a cup of coffee and grill a sausage while the cyclists cycle lap after lap. 


Cykelled 430, about 4,5km MTB
Level of difficulty: blue
Lightly cycled surfaces with elevation changes mean it can be a little physically challenging, where you'll pick up a little (or a lot) of skin.

The Tännäslänken has two very different characters. Between Härjebrygg and Fiskecentrum, the trail is a mixture of path and old road. The trail passes through beautiful flowery meadows, partly bordered by old farmsteads. The gradient from Fiskecentrum up to the village is steep and you may need to walk some distance. Downhill it rolls along with ease.

Between Tännäskröket and Fiskecentrum, the trail runs largely in a power line street, but also on a gravel road and, in connection with Fiskecentrum, a stretch on asphalt. The power line street has a tricky surface that is fun downhill but quite tough uphill. An alternative is to take the road up to Tännäskröket.

Tännäskröket - Käringsjön.

About 36/48 km, about 5 hours.
Gravel road

Start at the cabin knot at Tännäskröket and cycle towards Tännäs village. Turn off on the gravel road towards Käringsjön/Rogen. The road follows the valley of Mysklan and you will see cranes nesting on the vast marshes. Soon you will enter the Rogen nature reserve, characterised by the Deadis moraine or Rogen moraine as it is also known, with its rugged landscape and hundreds of labyrinthine lakes. Take a break at the water's edge and see how nature is reflected in the surface, which is occasionally broken by the waves of fish.

Loose around

About 55 km, about 4 hours.
Asphalt and gravel road

Take the first pedal outside your door at Tännäskröket and take Krökvägen towards Lossen. The tour is both uphill and downhill, with flatter cycling along the lake level. You pass several sights and cold springs where you can refill your water bottle. If you take the turn to the south, you can finish the bike ride with a refreshing swim at Tjärnbräckan's bathing area before returning home to Tännäskröket.

Tännäskröket - Valmåsen

About 10 km, about 1.5 hours.

This tour goes past the river Tännån, the farms and bathing area of Tjärnbräcka and up to Lake Lossen, which is Sweden's tenth largest power plant dam. Read the information signs about how the village of Valmåsen, with some 15 farms, was transformed into a lake bed.


Opposite the Fishing Centre is a fitness area with a gym and a pump track. There is also an outdoor gym and a playground. 

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Featured trails - ROAD CYCLING

Högvålen - Sweden's highest village

Nice road on the mountain and wonderful views
Length: 48 km
Height: 426 m
Level of difficulty: blue

On a beautiful road, high up on the mountain, this tour goes. It may be hard to believe that there are such beautiful roads to cycle on in Sweden. The tour starts at Tännäskröket in Tännäs village. Some tricky hills start the tour after road 311 towards Högvålen. Here you will be struck by the beautiful nature, the reindeer and the Sami villages you pass.

You do this rolling on a nice road where the pavement was renovated in 2019, high up on the mountain. The road follows the nature and it creates a nice feeling in cycling. Once in Högvålen there is a nice coffee place at the highest point in the middle of the village. Here you can enjoy a snack before returning the same way. If you have energy left in your legs, you can continue on 311. The views never end.
At Tännäskröket there is coffee and a good lunch to end the day with.

SEVÄRHET: Sweden's highest village

Aursunden around Norway

Cycling along beautiful rivers to the World Heritage town of Röros
Length: 93 km
Height: 906 m
Level of difficulty: red
Starting point: Vauldalen

Very beautiful and somewhat hilly tour through the cultural town of Röros and Norwegian countryside. The tour starts at the Swedish-Norwegian border in Vauldalen. You cycle along road 31 on very nice asphalt, down to Brekken it is easy downhill and you are greeted by a magically beautiful view over lake Aursunden. Here you can just sit and enjoy the adorable view from your bike saddle. You roll on to the beautiful world heritage town of Röros, which offers many cosy cafés. Replenish your energy and enjoy the beautiful town before you continue along route 30 towards Trondheim.

At Orvos, turn right onto road 564 towards Glåmos. When you reach Glåmos, turn right onto road 561. Here begins perhaps the most beautiful part of the tour, with the mountains in the background and Lake Aursunden following you on the right. When you reach road 705, turn right back towards Brekken. Back in Brekken, turn left towards the start in Vauldalen.

SIGHT: The World Heritage town of Röros
FOOD: Several cafés and restaurants in Röros. Vauldalens Fjellhotell

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